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IUF Loader

Land Victoria publishes its Property Database to subscribers in a number of different formats. The Incremental Update Format (IUF) allows a subscriber to maintain a property database in a highly current state, as IUF files are delivered every two weeks. But up to now the downside has been that there was no readily available tool to manage this data. Early adopters all wrote their own loader. This project is an attempt to share the knowledge gained during that process (the author wrote the IUF loader for Victoria Police). The Objectix loader is designed as a cross-platform solution. It currently supports Oracle Spatial, MySql and MS SQL Server with MapInfo SpatialWare.

The software is released under the open source Lesser General Public License (LGPL) which freely permits commercial use.

The Objectix loader is written in pure Java and may be run on any platform that supports a modern (1.4+) Java VM. These include MS Windows (98, Me, NT4, 2000, XP, 2003), Mac OSX, Linux, Solaris, HP/UX, AIX and even OS/390. See Java VM Notes

The size of the property database makes performance a key design issue in any loader. The 2004 seed contained 36 million historical rows and this loader creates a matching 'Current' or PFI based row for each of these. At 72 million rows in total it is no wonder that tales of extraordinary load times abound within the IUF community. We developed an ultra thin object persistence framework to make sure that the load would complete in acceptable time. Using MySql the 2004 seed (all tables, all LGAs) loads in under 24 hours on a modern desktop PC.

Objectix is working on a tool to visualize the property data loaded into your Oracle or MySql database, but it is some way off. Right now you will need a GIS tool such as MapInfo Pro or Esri ArcGIS to view an Oracle Spatial database, and you will have to make do with programatic access for MySql.